One among the billion

Siva Ananth | 9:54am BST 04 June 2020 Mahender Singh Dhoni turned around and said something funny to Virat Kohli. And Shikhar Dhawan chuckled. Kohli cracked a joke back. Ajinyka Rahane and Yuvraj Singh joined the banter. Then Dhoni came up with the mother of all punchlines and the whole team erupted with laughter. I […]

Kings of Cricket

Martin Chandler | 7:22am BST 31 May 2020 The name of Richard Daft, certainly in my lifetime, has never been one which has attracted very much in the way of attention. Daft was however a very fine cricketer and, at his peak, WG Grace apart, he was the finest batsman in England. Thirteen years younger […]

Gerald Howat

Martin Chandler | 7:26am BST 24 May 2020 Bad luck batsman, were the only words Gerald Howat ever spoke to me. Had I realised who he was at the time I would have had a great deal more to say to him after our game had finished. It was back in the 1980s and he […]

CW Games & CW Forum Arcade – End of Life

James Nixon | 4:24am BST 18 May 2020 As many of you may already be aware, all the modern browsers are discontinuing support for Flash player towards the end of 2020. The effect of this on CricketWeb is that the following functions of the site will no longer work and will be decommissioned when this occurs: This […]

Jim Kilburn

Martin Chandler | 6:43am BST 17 May 2020 Neville Cardus died in 1973 and, the best part of half a century on, his name is instantly recognisable. Such is his appeal that his life has inspired a couple of books in recent years, firstly Christopher O’Brien’s Cardus Uncovered, now in its second edition, and then […]

Roy Webber

Martin Chandler | 6:57am BST 10 May 2020 There have been statisticians around the game ever since cricket began, and the records the ancients left are still used today. But there can be no doubt but that in recent years the use of and analysis of the numbers our great game generates has vastly increased, […]

Conrad Hunte

Martin Chandler | 3:15pm BST 09 May 2020 Conrad Hunte was born in 1932, the eldest of nine children. He and his family lived in a small house in Shorey Village, on the opposite side of Barbados from Bridgetown. His parents seem to have made many sacrifices to give their first born a good education […]

Bruce Harris – Bodyline Author

Martin Chandler | 7:26am BST 03 May 2020 Stephen Bruce Harris was born in Ireland in 1887, although he was brought up in Somerset. A career journalist he began that calling in the north east of England before moving to Birmingham. His writing was interrupted by the Great War, which Harris spent as a Lieutenant […]

Samuel Canynge Caple

Martin Chandler | 7:25am BST 26 April 2020 The paternal grandfather of Samuel Canynge Caple was an American, so one of relatively few people who, in Victorian times, bucked the trend and travelled from the new world to the old in order to make their fortune. For Charles Caple there was only modest success, but […]