Border Gavaskar Mid Series Review

Divy Tripathi | 11:57am GMT 05 January 2021 After India had been shot out for 36 in the first Test at Adelaide, there were two kinds of reactions which dominated the social media and cricket columns: One was of shock and horror at this unexpected turn of events after a balanced start to the Test […]

Top 5 Test series upsets in 2010s

Divy Tripathi | 12:04pm GMT 05 January 2021 ‘Upset’ in sports terminology is a reference to an underdog doing the unimaginable by either holding a superior side for a draw/tie or defeating them. There is something about the ‘Rocky Balboa’ experience that excites our imagination. Perhaps, the fact that the less touted also have their […]

New Books – An Overview for January 2021

Martin Chandler | 7:16am GMT 03 January 2021 Despite the global pandemic and the disruption that has brought with it there have still been cricket books appearing and, perhaps, the various lockdowns that have affected the major cricket playing nations have led to many more being written. Will they see the light of day? Hopefully at […]

How to Use Free Bets on Cricket

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am GMT 27 December 2020 Cricket is a hugely popular sport not only for people tuning in to watch, but also for gambling on. Many people place bets on games that take place, from domestic games to internationals, from T20 quickfire cricket all the way up to five-day battles. It is […]

Cricket, and How it Can Help Increase Workplace Productivity

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am GMT 20 December 2020 When it comes to managing a business, there are a few things that can help guarantee success in a competitive industry. For example, it can be challenging to get anywhere without the necessary coverage, which is why a certificate of liability insurance is crucial. After all, […]

A Cricket Pro’s Lot

Martin Chandler | 8:24am GMT 06 December 2020 Fred Root only ever wrote a single cricket book, A Cricket Pro’s Lot, published in 1937. It wasn’t even a particularly good one, but it has stood the test of time and, the best part of a century after it was initially published has, unlike the majority […]

Memories of a video game

Divy Tripathi | 10:10am GMT 29 November 2020 Roger Ebert once famously said that Video games can never be art. While the debate that followed is not going to concern us here but what can be said is that Video gaming has come a long way in terms of accessibility, being able to grant their […]

‘Jock’ Cameron’s Story

Martin Chandler | 8:13am GMT 29 November 2020 Born in Port Elizabeth in 1905 Horace Brackenridge Cameron started to take an interest in cricket at the age of ten. His early keenness was rewarded with having to act as longstop, but the young man who was almost always known simply as ‘Jock’, soon started to […]

A Quick Guide to Test Cricket

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am GMT 22 November 2020 A Quick Guide to Test Cricket Casual cricket fans might have noticed that there is a small difference between some of the different types of cricket we see being played at the professional level. While there are many different leagues and tournaments out there, it is […]

Cricket Australia Assesses Situation in Adelaide

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am GMT 15 November 2020 Many major sports events from all around the world were affected by the COVID 19 pandemic this year. In March, many of these events had to hit the pause button as the rise of COVID cases worldwide was happening. Sports like football, basketball, and cricket were […]