ICC Super League to Serve as Qualifier for 2023 World Cup

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am BST 09 August 2020 The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced that the ODI Super League will serve as a qualifier for the 2023 World Cup in India. This decision comes after questions about the relevance of the Super League with the intention of bringing some much-needed context to ODI […]

Ireland Recorded its Highest Successful ODI Chase After the Match with England

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am BST 09 August 2020 Aside from football, rugby, and hurling, another popular sport in parts of Ireland is cricket. Cricket has been introduced to the country in the 18th century and it was in the early 1880s when it became really popular in the country. The Irish Cricket Union has […]

England Vs Pakistan 3 Match Test Series Preview August 2020

James Nixon | 12:01am BST 09 August 2020 England welcome Pakistan to Off Trafford and The Rose Bowl for the 3 match Test Series in which has the recipe to be a competitive and compelling series. England test team have just come from off a 2-1 win over the West Indies in which is seems […]

Another Look At “Cricketing Caesar”

Peter Kettle | 7:04am BST 09 August 2020 Following Martin Chandler’s review in May of Mark Peel’s biography of Mike Brearley (JMB), this supplementary review article focusses on three particular matters that this stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable book brought to the forefront during my reading. I should add that whilst it is an “unauthorised” account, […]

Frederick Ashley-Cooper: The Bibliophile’s Historian

Martin Chandler | 7:05am BST 02 August 2020 Rowland Bowen described Frederick Samuel Ashley-Cooper as the greatest cricket polymath – excluding always the actual practise and playing of the game – who has ever lived. Statisticians have Ashley-Cooper to thank for the groundwork that he did in that field, and similarly historians have cause to be grateful […]

A Look at the Alderman

Martin Chandler | 7:48am BST 26 July 2020 As a race, we Yorkshiremen are rude, boorish, stubborn, aggressive, argumentative, disruptive, intolerant and and just plain downright bloody-minded. We harbour a series of complexes ranging from inferiority to persecution, and we are violently resentful of authority in any guise. A man with the clarity of thought […]

Is India’s Fast Bowling Renaissance Real This Time?

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am BST 12 July 2020 Under the stewardship of skipper Virat Kohli, India’s men national team have established several records. This has happened in both formats with the team at one point sealing the number one position of the ICC World Test Rankings for Teams in 2019. Today, the team stands […]

Jim Laker in Print

Martin Chandler | 8:32am BST 12 July 2020 Jim Laker was a great bowler. He may or may not be the finest off spinner to have played the game, but a return of 193 Test wickets at 21.24 certainly makes him a candidate. Whatever the outcome of that discussion is Laker will always be a […]

New Books – An Overview for July 2020

Martin Chandler | 8:09am BST 05 July 2020 The world is not the same place as it was when I wrote this piece in January of this year and, whilst the coming days should see a resumption of some international cricket, it is going to be some time before the old order of things is […]

David Foot

Martin Chandler | 6:52am BST 28 June 2020 This year David Foot, one of the very best of cricket’s legion of fine writers, celebrated his ninety first birthday. Inevitably his health is not quite what it once was but he remains able to live at home in Bristol with his wife of many years, Anne. […]