Cricket is one of the Most Popular Sports in UK.

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am BST 18 October 2020 Cricket is Becoming a Popular Sport among the Brits England, the land of the Queen, is known for its love of football more than any other sport. Interestingly enough, the United Kingdom boasts a vast array of activities for any sports fan to indulge in. Horse […]

Cricket sportsbooks: review these three features right away

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am BST 18 October 2020 Betting on cricket can be both fun and profitable and picking the right sportsbook is at least half the reason why. Fans have access to a plethora of books both new and old. These books compete against each other offering all kinds of perks and promotions. […]

Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Cricket

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am BST 18 October 2020 Cricket dates as far back as the 18th century and is considered one of the oldest sports still in operation in a league. If you’re a fan of the sport and you’re interested in betting on it, you can use our blog post as a helpful […]

Players To Watch In The Indian Premier League This Season

Cricket Web Team | 12:00am BST 11 October 2020 The Indian Premier League is one of the most entertaining sporting competitions in the world, and due to that, there are a number of players that fans tune in to see for every game during the season. Over the 12 previous instalments of the competition to […]

Paul Gibb – From Yorkshire Amateur to Essex Professional

Martin Chandler | 8:25am BST 11 October 2020 His family’s origins were in Scotland, but Paul Gibb was born a Yorkshireman, a necessary prerequisite during his lifetime if a man was to play for the county of the White Rose. Gibb’s father was employed as a goods manager by the North Eastern Rail Company in […]

All On A Summer’s Day – A Look At A Lady Writer

Martin Chandler | 7:55am BST 04 October 2020 Even a decade ago women in the cricketing media were a rare thing. The reason can only have been prejudice, as just a few short years on we now have a number of excellent commentators and several fine writers from the ranks of what in Margaret Hughes’s […]

Expert Guidance For IPL Match Predictions

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am BST 27 September 2020 The latest edition of IPL is already underway, and fans are latching on to some much-needed entertainment. Popular since its inception in 2008, IPL is one of the most awaited cricket tournaments of the year for fans and betting enthusiasts alike. Given the glamor, glitz, and […]

Check Out 20 Amazing Cricket Facts That’ll Blow Your Mind

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am BST 27 September 2020 Up-to-Date Cricket Facts for Betters and Fans Alike  Sports fans spend a multitude of time and money watching, speculating, and gambling on their favorite sports teams. It’s a known fact that many details about a particular game go unnoticed or unlearned for many fans. The game […]

What Makes An IPL Champion?

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am BST 27 September 2020 The IPL is the official cricket league in India. It is contested annually and is one of the most unpredictable tournaments in the world of sport. Since its inception in 2008, there have been twelve seasons. And this year’s thrilling games are set to begin on […]


CW Team | 12:20am BST 22 September 2020 In part two of his interview with the CW team, the former CNN International Correspondent speaks to CricketWeb about his new book and the challenges of investigative sports journalism in the Twenty-First Century. Cricket Web: Did you ever think about joining a mainstream news organization? I’ve always […]