Applications Open For Free 2018 Natalie Bolin Swim Camp

Kierra Smith and Jared Anderson contributed to this report.

The Natalie Bolin Swim Camp is held every summer in honor of Natalie Bolin who lost her life in a tragic car accident seven years ago on her way home from a swim meet. Over six days, August 6-11, Campers will experience long distance swims, canoeing, kayaking, running, and hiking.

The Natalie Bolin Swim Camp is funded by the Natalie Bolin Memorial Fund.  People who have been touched by Natalie’s spirit fundraise to ensure that the camp can be provided at no cost to the participants.  It is a physically demanding camp offered to High School aged swimmers who are capable of long swims (2+ miles in open water) and long hikes (3-6 hours).  The deadline for application is June 24th.  There are 20 spots available and the hope is to include swimmers from 8-16 different teams.

The Oshkosh YMCA Swim Team wants to honor Natalie’s spirit by continuing what Natalie did in both life and death, bringing people together. The purpose of this camp is to gather swimmers from other teams and forge bonds that will connect them with other swim teams.

You can view more about the camp here.

This year’s application has dropped the essay portion, but now requires a 5-to-10-minute video. You can read more on the application page below:

The full camp application is here.

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