British Men Lower Championship Record To Win 4×200 Free Relay


The British quartet of Calum Jarvis (1:47.17), Duncan Scott (1:45.48), Thomas Dean (1:47.07) and James Guy (1:45.60) combined to win gold in the men’s 4x200m freestyle relay at the European Championships, breaking the Championship Record in a time of 7:05.32.

Scott and Guy had the 2nd and 3rd fastest splits in the field, with Italian Filippo Megli the fastest at 1:45.44.

The previous mark belonged to the Russians, who established a time of 7:06.71 back at the 2010 Championships in Budapest. Team Russia placed 2nd in the race tonight, also getting under their old record in a time of 7:06.66.

Check out a split comparison of the new and previous records below:

Russia, 2010 Great Britain, 2018
Nikita Lobintsev – 1:45.93 Calum Jarvis – 1:47.17
Danila Izotov – 1:45.74 Duncan Scott – 1:45.48
Sergey Perunin – 1:47.98 Thomas Dean – 1:47.07
Aleksandr Sukhorukov – 1:47.06 James Guy – 1:45.60
7:06.71 7:05.32

Additionally, Sweden broke their National Record in the event, posting a time of 7:14.03 to lower their previous record of 7:15.11 (set in the prelims). Coming into the meet they’re fastest ever was 7:16.32 from the 2016 Euros in London. They’re team consisted of Victor JohanssonRobin HansonGustaf Dahlman and Adam Paulsson.

The other minor National Record that fell on the day was the Turkish mark in the women’s 200 fly, where Nina Ustundag lowered her 2:10.02 from the 2016 Olympics down to 2:09.69 to place 9th in the semi-finals.

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