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What We Can Learn from a Game of Cricket

Cricket Web Team | 12:28am GMT 17 November 2019 Photo by Aksh yadav / The Unsplash License Although cricket’s exact origins are unknown, the sport is believed to have been established in England during the 16th century. Eventually, with the expansion of the British Empire, the game spread all over the world. Today it is […]

EHD Sewell – A Writer From A Bygone Age

Martin Chandler | 2:55am GMT 17 November 2019 Edward Humphrey Dalrymple Sewell was born in India in 1872. He died almost 75 years later at his home in West London. In between Sewell led an interesting life including a period, in the largely barren years for cricket publishing of the second world war, when his […]

A Tale of Two Defiant Kiwis

Martin Chandler | 5:51pm GMT 15 November 2019 The biography of Bert Sutcliffe that was started by Rod Nye and later finished by Richard Boock is entitled The Last Everyday Hero. It is, as titles of such books usually are, an entirely appropriate way to describe a man who if he might have fallen short […]

Boundary Books

Martin Chandler | 2:04am GMT 10 November 2019 Dealers and publishers Boundary Books had a big birthday this year as it ticked over into its fourth decade. Proprietor Mike Down, now retired from a career in the nuclear industry, has a showroom in the picturesque Oxfordshire village of Stanford in the Vale that houses an impressive […]

Ian Alexander Ross Peebles

Martin Chandler | 2:43am GMT 03 November 2019 Scotsman Ian Peebles was 45 when his first book of any significance appeared. Over the rest of his life there were to be a dozen more, amongst them some of the best on cricket that there are, once more illustrating that the life experience and flair for […]

Pakistan’s First Cricket Scribe

Martin Chandler | 12:11am GMT 27 October 2019 Qamaruddin Butt was the first chronicler of Pakistan cricket. Between 1954 and 1971 he published, largely through his own efforts, ten books recording the majority of the Test series that his young country undertook over that period. His reputation now seems to be confined to the conversations […]

Ayres’ Cricket Companion

Martin Chandler | 2:42am BST 20 October 2019 There is, as we all know, a cricket annual that has appeared every single year since 1864 so, for the 156th time in 2019. Wisden has certainly had a rocky patch or two along the road, but that longevity in itself demonstrates that cricket can sustain a […]

The Greatest Southpaw?

Martin Chandler | 6:42pm BST 17 October 2019 Andrew Pollock kept wicket for Orange Free State occasionally in the late 1930s, but made little impact on the First Class game. He left that to his two sons, Peter and Graeme, who were integral parts of the fine South African side that had come together just […]

Betting Bonus reviewed by Sporty trader

James Nixon | 10:57pm BST 14 October 2019 Cricket is a game that has its origins in Europe. As the British extended its suzerainty over territories around the world, cricket also began to be played in the English colonies. Today, cricket is an international game played in 16 countries around the world. Cricket is commonly […]

‘Johnnie’ Moyes

Martin Chandler | 3:31am BST 13 October 2019 Alban George Moyes was born in 1893. He seems not to have cared very much for his given name and, at his own request, was always known as ‘Johnny’. At 19 he went to Adelaide University to study medicine. A keen cricketer he was a fine batsman […]