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A Little More On Irving Rosenwater

Martin Chandler | 1:56am BST 15 September 2019 I have written on the subject of Irving Rosenwater before, here. My main purpose in doing so then was to give a flavour of the man himself, and to then concentrate on the fascinating body of research that he left us with. That done Irving was not […]

The Bard of Basingstoke

Martin Chandler | 1:45am BST 08 September 2019 Back in 1969 The Noble Game of Cricket*, a large coffee table type book, was published. It is a showcase of sixty examples of cricketing art, so not of immensely wide appeal although there was sufficient interest in it to persuade the publishers to produce a second […]

The Greatest Leg-Spinner of Them All?

Martin Chandler | 7:53pm BST 06 September 2019 Abdul Qadir was born in Lahore, capital of the Punjab and Pakistan’s second city in 1955, so he is just a few years older than me although, in the context of the second decade of the 21st century, we are as near to the same age as […]

CB Fry – The Writer

Martin Chandler | 7:21am BST 01 September 2019 Charle Burgess Fry was born in April of 1872. He was undoubtedly the finest all-round sportsman of his era and, perhaps, ever. As a cricketer he was one of the great batsman of the ‘Golden Age’ and our own Dave Wilson has written about his life and […]

The Cricket Publishing Company

Martin Chandler | 3:24am BST 25 August 2019 It is now all but forty years since Ronald Cardwell wrote and published what remains the only book devoted to the Australian Imperial Forces team that toured England in the first summer after the Great War. After four months in England the team moved on to South […]

Speed Isn’t Everything

Martin Chandler | 7:12pm BST 20 August 2019 Whilst the well known double act known as Lilian Thomson were laying waste to England’s batting in 1974/75 a young Western Australian made his First Class debut. Terry Alderman was twelfth man for the first two Shield matches of the summer before making a debut in the […]

Cricket: What Is the Ashes?

James Nixon | 1:30am BST 17 August 2019 Australia and England are gearing up to go head to head in a battle over the… urn? The Ashes may be a well-known and highly anticipated event in cricket for some, but for others – specifically those outside of England and Australia, the matches are less than […]

Bayly’s Cricketers’ Almanack?

Martin Chandler | 7:25am BST 18 August 2019 The first cricket annual to appear was back in 1790. Britcher’s Scores ran for fifteen editions. Just over fifty copies, in total, are known to exist. The MCC Library has a full set, but no one else has as only a single copy is known of the first two […]

England vs Pakistan In Print

Martin Chandler | 8:02am BST 11 August 2019 My last post on the subject of accounts of England Test series against the more junior Test playing nations looks at Pakistan, whose elevation came in 1951, and who played their first Tests in England in 1954. The hosts meandered in to the fourth and final Test […]

Imperial Cricket

Martin Chandler | 7:07am BST 04 August 2019 As a child I was always told to make sure, before I started to read anything, that I was sitting comfortably. It is not usually difficult advice to follow, but there are a few cricket books where, with the best will in the world, the normal rules […]