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Will Shikhar Dhawan retain his position? Will Virat Kohli be number 4?

Cricket Web Team | 1:12am BST 03 August 2019 While there is no shortage of India’s options for number 4 and MS Dhoni’s position has not become known in the weeks following the World Cup, this time a new set of questions have emerged to join India’s T20 team. There are 15 months to go […]

JW McKenzie: Cricket’s Bookman

Martin Chandler | 4:07am BST 28 July 2019 The first catalogue issued by John McKenzie appeared back in 1972, so the best part of a half a century ago now. He has just issued Catalogue 200, a bumper 168 pages with well over 1,100 items. More than half of the catalogue is taken up with […]

England vs New Zealand In Print

Martin Chandler | 12:59am BST 21 July 2019 The New Zealanders first visit to England after the grant of Test status came in 1931, and they came again in 1937. At the same time as Freddie Calthorpe’s England side toured the Caribbean in 1929/30 another England side, under the leadership of Harold Gilligan visited New […]

Four years in the making

Glen Chudley | 12:44pm BST 19 July 2019 When Jos Buttler ran out Martin Guptill to tie the 2019 World Cup Final Super Over which saw England emerge as ODI champions for the first time, it wasn’t just a tense finish to a firecracking rollercoaster of a match or even just the end of an […]

Pakistan’s Performance in the 2019 World Cup

James Nixon | 12:55pm BST 15 July 2019 Pakistan is one of the teams participating in the 12th edition of the ICC world cup 2019. The 7 week long tournament brought 10 teams with each participating in the group stages. It must be noted that the cricket world cup was introduced in 1975 and Pakistan […]

‘Sugar Ray’ – Australia’s Finest?

Martin Chandler | 1:41am BST 14 July 2019 When I first started reading cricket books there seemed to be one big difference between the English and Australian writers. For some reason the latter all seemed to be former players, whereas generally the former were not. Monty Noble, Jack Fingleton and Tiger O’Reilly of the old […]

Cricket World Cup 2019: Who will be The Winner?

James Nixon | 8:20am BST 13 July 2019 The ICC cricket world cup that started on May 30 will be officially ending in July 14th 2019, and this will mark the end of the 12th edition of the competition since its inauguration way back in 1975. The 2019 tournament is being hosted by England and […]

Charlie Davis – Trinidad and West Indies

Martin Chandler | 7:22pm BST 09 July 2019 After how many Test matches can an average be treated as a true measure of a batsman’s worth? Most seem agreed that in order to be considered a good Test batsman a man has to average at least forty, and that the mark of a great is […]

England v West Indies In Print

Martin Chandler | 7:06am BST 07 July 2019 The first Test series between England and the West Indies was played in 1928 when a team led by Karl Nunes came to England to play three Tests. They returned and did the same again in 1933 and 1939. During the period England twice visited the Caribbean, […]

Not Bad for a Club Cricketer – Marcus Trescothick tames the Proteas

Dave Wilson | 6:55pm BST 02 July 2019 Marcus Trescothick When most England cricket fans think of 2005, their thoughts turn immediately to the great Ashes series which took place during the British summer of that year. However, in the preceding South African summer, Marcus Trescothick gave us a taste of things to come in […]