Day 1 of Lord's Test washed out

Disappointingly, the most fun that came out of the first Day of the second Test between England and India at Lord’s came late in the evening. Two people from the stands ran towards the centre pitch and slid on the covers that had been there the entire day. They were quickly restrained, but at least the duo had some fun.

For the rest of the crowd, and the players, it was to be a frustrating wait as the day was washed out. You’d normally associate an entire day of cricket being washed off due to a downpour. But it was more a steady drizzle, often threatening to stop, often threatening to get worse, that held sway over Lord’s.

It left the thousands gathered in the iconic stadium to head to the bars and the coffee shops instead. The fickle drizzle meant that hopes of some cricket being played still remained, and twice late in the day, it looked as if it would come true.

The players packed their bags and headed to the indoor nets for some practice, anticipating a start in play. The rain had relented for a bit. But just as they returned, so did the rain.

The umpires made three inspections, each time with prospects of play looking worse. Eventually, just short of six hours after the scheduled start of play, Day 1 of the Lord’s Test was called off.

At least a couple of them had their fun. For the others, the hope will be that the next four days hold better news. The forecast atleast promises that.

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