George Corones Becomes First 100+ Year Old Under 1:00 in 50 SCM Free

Any platitudes about age and wisdom and what 100 year olds can or cannot do fail when describing what Australian swimmer George Corones has accomplished. Corones became the first 100+ year-old swimmer to go under 1 minute in the 50 short course meter freestyle last weekend, breaking the World Record by more than 21 seconds.

This is not Corones’ first World Record in the more elevated age groups of masters swimming, but it is his first since turning 100 in April. After diving in to start the race, a feat which is noteworthy for a man of his age in-and-of-itself, Corones swam a 55.75. The old World Record was a 1:16.92 done by Jaring Timmerman in 2009.

That 55.75 actually undercut Corones’ 95-99 age group record of 56.12 done in 2018. He’s still dropping time at 100 years old.

Corones also swam a 2:19.02 in the 100 free at the meet in Brisbane, where he was 10 years older than the next-closest competitor. Full results can be seen here (the results platform only allows for 2 digit ages, so Corones’ times are listed under the “10 year olds” classification).

Watch a video of the record-breaking swim from Masters Swimming Queensland below:

The incredible and inspiring George Corones breaking the short course world record in the 100-104 years 50m freestyle. He obliterated the old record of 1:16.92, with a blistering 55.75. Congratulations George! 💪

Posted by MSQ Masters Swimming Queensland on Saturday, June 23, 2018

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