Get Ready for the Cricket World Cup

Bettors all over the world will soon have the chance to engage in online sports betting on From 30 May to 14 July 2019, the Cricket World Cup will take place, and it will happen in Wales and England. If you’re into bets, then you’ll surely enjoy watching the ten countries try their best to win the big prize in the final.

What Is the Format of the Event?

The Cricket World Cup 2019 will have a total of 10 teams. Each of the teams will play the others once, and the ones that make it to the top four will proceed to the semi-finals in the first week of July.

Apparently, this format wasn’t so well received because it’s lacking Associate teams. It’s the first World Cup without Associate members, resulting from their elimination in the qualifying tournament. Even so, the tournament will go like this.

The winners of the semi-finals will go, as expected, to the finals.

What Is the Prize?

For such a big event, it’s only normal that there would be a big prize pool. Apparently, this year, the pool will be exactly like it was in the 2015 edition – a total of $10 million. With that being said, the winner will win $4 million, the runner up will win $2 million, while the losing semi-finalists will receive $800,000.

Concurrently, each league stage match winner will get $40,000, and the teams that don’t go past the league stage will get $100,000 each.

If you want to bet on sports and win some money out of watching cricket, the Cricket World Cup is the right time to do so, being able to bet on Australia, Sri Lanka, and many more. Make sure you check the odds and keep an eye on the scores, thus increasing your chances of making an outstanding betting strategy and being successful.

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