Hasan Raza caught on camera during Al Jazeera sting

Pakistan Cricket Board has stated in a release that it will be conducting a review following the Al Jazeera sting operation which also revealed the presence of former Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza in one of the videos.

During the conversation between Robin Morris, a former first-class cricketer from Mumbai, and the undercover reporter, Raza was sitting in the same room, next to Morris, although he wasn’t seen speaking. Raza and Morris were both part of the Mumbai Champs team between 2007-08 in the now defunct Indian Cricket League.

“PCB and its Anti Corruption Unit is in the process of reviewing reports regarding the alleged involvement of cricketer Hasan Raza in Corrupt Conduct. Appropriate action, if any, will be taken after collecting and reviewing all relevant evidence. Till such time no further comments are made,” PCB said in a statement.

Earlier, in one of the videos released by Al Jazeera from the documentary titled Cricket’s match-fixers, the undercover journalist – posing as a businessman keen on being involved in match-fixing – was seen in conversation with ground officials of the Galle International Cricket Stadium.

The broadcaster’s investigation made use of hidden cameras to unveil how alleged match-fixer Morris, Dubai-based Indian businessman Gaurav Rajkumar and the Galle stadium assistant manager, Tharanga Indika, arranged to fix, and how the pitch was prepared unlawfully. Tharindu Mendis, a Sri Lankan first-class player, was also filmed in one of the clips.

The International Cricket Council already opened an investigation for the same and will now examine the matter deeply. Alex Marshall, head of the ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit had said, “We will take the contents of the programme and any allegations it may make very seriously.”

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