IPL 2018 – That Happened 4.0

They are ready… Are you?

Has it finally arrived?

IPL, in all its right and glory, has been the most attractive and lucrative product invented by the BCCI. And although a women’s IPL might not be brimming with as much novelty thanks to the WBBL and Women’s Super League having already arrived, it would still turn heads and get the eyes rolling. After all, yeh IPL hai boss!

Okay, the women’s IPL hasn’t arrived yet but the Women’s T20 Challenge has certainly arrived. 10 foreign stars have been flown in and will team up with India’s best as India attempts to put together this showcase event ahead of the big-ticket Qualifier I. Purnima Malhotra, as always, has you covered. Preview time, come on… read up!

Wassup, Wankhede?

As cliched it may sound, we are down to the business end of the tournament and the drama kicks off with the top two teams hurling at each other whatever they’ve, in Mumbai, this evening. As always, we have someone at the ground who will get you the latest from there. For now, munch on this preview from Vishaal Loganathan

VERSION 4.0… Loading…

8 teams, 45 days, 56 games… and now we’re left with only four games and four teams, and come this Sunday, the top prize – #IPL2018 Trophy – will be given away. Chennai Super Kings have switched homes along the way, Rajasthan Royals never seemed to have been away for two years, Sunrisers Hyderabad didn’t miss David Warner all that much and Kolkata Knight Riders have seamlessly become Karthik’s Knight Riders. So who will it be? Don’t waste your #RightToVote and head over to our Poll section. Let us know which team you think have the best chance?

We’re sure you have kept tabs on all that has happened this #IPL2018, but just in case, you want to revisit it all – curtain raiser, V 2.0 and V 3.0, here.

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