Ireland Recorded its Highest Successful ODI Chase After the Match with England

Aside from football, rugby, and hurling, another popular sport in parts of Ireland is cricket. Cricket has been introduced to the country in the 18th century and it was in the early 1880s when it became really popular in the country. The Irish Cricket Union has been governing this sport in Ireland since 1923.

Cricket has also been a popular option for people to wager on. The recent match between Ireland and England has been great for many punters. Ireland was able to pull off a remarkable run-chase to stun England and they were able to hit the seven-wicket triumph. The next match for Ireland will be on August 10 against Sri Lanka. It’s best to check strategies for cricket betting if you’re planning to wager on this match.

The recent win of Ireland’s cricket team is a big deal because they have only ever beaten England once in their last 12 ODI meetings. The last time they won against England was in the 2011 World Cup when they were able to chase down a 328 win. However, the recent match was even better when they were able to reach their 329-run target.

In the team’s win in 2011, Kevin O’Brien played a very important role in his amazing 50-ball century. This time, O’Brien once again played an important part in hitting the winning run. He talked about their recent win in an interview and he said that it has been a long time since their last win and it was starting to be frustrating.

O’Brien said, “It’s coming on 10 years now. It’s a little bit frustrating. It’s obviously a very proud thing, and to talk and think about it does give me goosebumps. But I’d like to think I’ve had some performances since then to not just go back to one game.”

He also talked about his performance and said, “Whether my scores show it or not, I think I’m a better cricketer now: more rounded, with more experience under my belt. I’m certainly in a better space now; a more comfortable space with where I am mentally and physically.”

He also talked about the younger athletes in the team. He said, “There are four or five players all around a similar age,” O’Brien says, “and for them, it’s a great opportunity to write their own legacy and write Irish cricket’s next chapter. The hunger’s certainly there with the young guys to get better, train hard, and be the best players that they can be.”

He added, “Ultimately it’s up to them to bring Cricket Ireland forward when myself and a few of the older boys hang up the boots. We’ve brought it as far as we can, and it’s up to the younger guys to bring it even further. It’s certainly something that I’ve taken notice of over the last 14 or 15 weeks, over lockdown – a few areas that I need to improve on to stay a step ahead of the younger guys. That’s great to have for me as an individual, and from the team’s point of view if we’re all trying to be better than each other, ultimately the team should be in a better place going forward.”

When asked about going against England, he had this to say, “I didn’t need any reminders of how England would play against us,” he says. “The depth in their squad is probably the strongest in world cricket, with the talent on display the other night.

“We always have a chance. We’ve got match-winners in our squad with both bat and ball as we’ve since in the last six or seven months. When we play well, we’re a good team – we’ve just got to put in a performance for 100 overs, or as many of those 100 overs as we can. We know if we’re not on the ball against England they’re going to capitalize. We’ve got to be positive with everything we do and take them on. That’s the only way we’re going to compete with them.”

During their recent win, O’Brien was superbly supported by Harry Tector who is just 10 years old. Tector is in line for an ODI debut in the middle order. O’Brien also talked about Him. “He was all the way through, all the underage teams and was captain of the U-19s a few years ago. He’s been earmarked. Harry’s a very technically correct batsman: he can score quickly, and he’s got most if not all the shots in the book.”

O’Brien also said that he feels that the seniors have already brought Irish cricket as far as they could. He thinks that it is now up to the younger guys to take it further.

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