Kyrie Irving defends LeBron James: 'He checks every mark' in MVP race

Kyrie Irving is coming to his former teammate’s defense.

While the Celtics star thinks James Harden deserved to win the NBA’s MVP award, he feels LeBron James earned consideration for the honor as well.

“MVP, it’s hard to gauge nowadays. Because now you have the people’s MVP and you have, like, the NBA’s MVP,” Irving told radio station Hot 97 in New York on Wednesday. “I think the people’s MVP was definitely James [Harden], but the NBA MVP is definitely LeBron [James].”

When asked if he believes James should have received the MVP award instead, Irving pointed to James’ statistics as he praised his career performance.

James, a four-time MVP, played 10 more regular season games, scored 60 more points, logged 320 more rebounds, made 117 more assists and shot almost 10 percent more accurately than Harden last season.

“If we’re talking strictly based off stats, like, he checks every mark. … He’s incredible, he’s incredible,” Irving added.

Harden was named MVP on Monday after averaging 30.4 points, 8.8 assists and 5.4 rebounds last season and leading the Rockets to the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference as well as a 65-17 record.

Meanwhile, James won both the Assist and Clutch Shot of the Year. He was also awarded the Play of the Year by the fans for his game-winning 3-pointer against the Timberwolves before the All-Star break.

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