Legendary Streetballers Bone Collector and MoreFree Take to the Streets Ahead of the FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualifying Window

With the next round of qualifying games for the FIBA Basketball World Cup on the near horizon (commencing June 28th), FIBA has teamed up with the USA’s Bone Collector and China’s MoreFree.

In a series of videos posted across FIBA’s social channels, the international basketball federation shows fans from Rome, New York and Beijing getting the opportunity to test their defensive abilities (and their balance) against these talented ball handlers. The videos formed part of FIBA’s This is My House campaign, allowing fans from each country to have the opportunity to be a part of the competition build-up.

The first video saw the Bone Collector travel to Rome, where he met with Federica Tognalini who has represented Italy in FIBA 3×3 women’s competitions, and then took on fans outside of the world-famous Colosseum, including a Roman Centurion!

He then travelled to New York, where he played against all-comers in locations from Times Square to the storied Rucker Park. As evidenced in the video, neither the Naked Cowboy, or even Batman was safe from his crossovers.

The final video features Chinese streetball player MoreFree, known for his flashy highlights and competing against travelling NBA stars during their Summer visits to China. In the video below, we see him playing against the backdrop of the historic Temple of Heaven.

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