LeSean McCoy's ex-girlfriend told police she believes he 'set her up' for home invasion attack

The ex-girlfriend of Bills running back LeSean McCoy told police she thought McCoy was behind a home invasion Tuesday, which resulted in her going to the hospital after she was beaten and robbed of jewelry. 

The Milton police released an event report Thursday revealing more information behind what happened early Tuesday morning, including what was said to police during the invasion. TMZ obtained audio of the 911 call, which can be heard here.

Officials were called to the home owned by McCoy in the Atlanta suburb where his former girlfriend Delicia Cordon was living. Upon arrival, officers discovered “one victim who had been physically assaulted by a lone intruder.”

At about 3:28 a.m. the police log says: “The caller poss[ibly] thinks her ex boyfriend poss[ibly] set her up.” 

Even though the caller wasn’t identified, it’s believed Cordon was on the phone with police. In a separate note, “The caller adv[ised] she got beat in the head and locked in the bathroom” and the caller said, “My face is demolished.”

Later in the afternoon, an unidentified Instagram user shared an explicit photo of a woman, identified as McCoy’s on-and-off girlfriend Delicia Cordon, with cuts and bruises on her face alleging McCoy struck her. The Instagram post has since been deleted. 

Police have not identified a suspect in the burglary, but the log described the suspect as a black male who was dressed in all black wearing a mask. The age is not known.

McCoy denied the allegations of domestic violence, child abuse and animal cruelty Tuesday saying the “totally baseless and offensive claims” were “completely false.” He hired an attorney Wednesday.

In addition to revealing more details of what happened Tuesday morning, police also released incident reports Thursday from two other domestic disputes between McCoy and Cordon where police were called to their home July 3, 2017, and April 11, 2018. However, none of the incidents involved physical violence. 

The incident from last July indicates McCoy was “concerned that Cordon may try to either take things or make false accusations about him.”

There were also court records filed June 6 showing McCoy attempted to force Cordon and her children out of the Georgia home he owns. The documents noted the “defendant is an ex-girlfriend of owner/plaintiff and refuses to leave.”

The Bills released a statement Tuesday acknowledging the reports and an NFL spokesman confirmed to Sporting News the league is “reviewing the matter.”

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