Lilly King Breaks Down “Virtual Battle” with Yulia Efimova (Video)

Reported by Karl Ortegon.


Prelims (top 9 from morning prelims)

  1. Lilly King 31.43
  2. Melissa Rodriguez 31.63
  3. Kim Williams 32.38
  4. Kennedy Lohman 32.42

Two women broke 32 seconds, with world record holder Lilly King winning round 1 with a cool 31.43. Melissa Rodriguez of Mexico was just behind for 2nd in 31.63. Kim Williams (32.38) and Kennedy Lohman (32.42) also make it to round 2.

Keep in mind Yulia Efimova‘s 29.93 from Canet earlier today as we move through the next two rounds.

Semis (top 4 from night prelims)

  1. Lilly King 30.66
  2. Melissa Rodriguez 31.56
  3. Kennedy Lohman 32.15
  4. Kim Williams 32.24

King looked sharper here in the semis, going 30.66 to finish well ahead of 2nd place Rodriguez (31.56), but both will race in the final. King is now within seven tenths of Efimova’s time.

Final (top 2 from semis)

  1. Lilly King 29.62
  2. Melissa Rodriguez 31.24

King was absolutely cooking down the pool, churning out a 29.62 for the new world #1 ahead of Molly Hannis (29.71) and Efimova (29.93). That’s her third-best time ever (she’s been 29.40 WR and 29.60), and the eight-best performance in history.

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