Lilly King Gunning for Yulia’s 1:04.9 This Weekend (Video)

Reported by Karl Ortegon.


  1. Lilly King – Indiana, 2:24.83
  2. Annie Lazor – Unattached, 2:26.55
  3. Mariia Astashkina – Louisville, 2:27.87

This was all Lilly King, the world record holder in the 100 breast. She was out at 1:09.31 after 100 meters, and finished it out in 2:24.83, a tenth ahead of her season best from Indy. She remains at 19th in the world rankings.

Annie Lazor, who swam undergrad for Auburn and is racing Unattached – Mission Viejo, grabbed 2nd with a 2:26.55. That time is her 4th-fastest ever.

Louisville’s Mariia Astashkina was 2:27.87 for 3rd, edging out Michigan’s Miranda Tucker (2:28.22).

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