Mike Mann Mondays: Taking Care of Your Body

This Week’s Question:

Swimmers often swim in chlorinated pools or open water if they swim open water events. I also know while swimming you may be more likely to get sunburns even in water. What are some of the things you do as dedicated swimmers to protect your skin and hair from these elements?

A part of being an athlete, or even hobbyist, is being conscientious of risks and healthy habits associated with the activity. Basketball players have to be mindful of how their activity is affecting their knees and back, football players have to be especially conscientious of brain injury and health, and even professional gamers have to take measures to protect against carpal tunnel. For swimmers, I have some specific questions regarding their risks. What’s a good routine before and after a workout or event to make sure you are keeping the best care of your body while swimming? Are there any things a beginner might not have the experience to be wary of? Are there special techniques to protect against swimmer’s ear or things like that? Are there any special stretches you do before or after an event that help with any stiffness associated with swimming? This week, Mike Mann gets some help from SwimLabs Franchise Relationship Manager and former coach, Meg Perron.

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FRANCHISE OVERVIEW: A swim school using multiple small constant current pools, underwater cameras and a proprietary database of comparison instructional videos, SwimLabs uses technology to touch every market of the swimming community.

MISSION: It is our mission to combine state-of-the-art technology, world-class instructors, exceptional facilities, and a never-ending passion for swimming to offer the fastest and surest way for swimmers of all levels to learn, improve and achieve their highest goals. We help our swimmers be safer, compete smarter, feel confident and enjoy a life-long love of the sport.

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