MLB may soon change shoe policy to loosen restrictions, report says

The MLB may no longer be the no-fun league.

According to Yahoo Sports, MLB and the MLB Players Association are in discussions to change the league’s footwear policy that would relax the restrictions on colors and designs players can use on their cleats.

Cubs outfielder Ben Zobrist was informed by MLB earlier this season he faced being fined and/or punished if he continued wearing black cleats. He wasn’t happy about it.

Indians starting pitcher Mike Clevinger also faced backlash for his cleat choice.

The report stated the deal is “far from done,” but there is optimism both sides will come to an agreement and modernize the types of shoes available in-game to players.

Right now, at least 51% of the exterior of each player’s shoes must be the club’s designated primary shoe color and the portion of the club’s designated primary shoe color must be evenly distributed throughout the exterior of each shoe, according to the uniform rules in the league’s collective-bargaining agreement.

Soon, Zobrist’s black cleats and Clevinger’s colorful cleats may be part of the norm in MLB.

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