MLB trade rumors: Mets not actively looking to deal Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard

The Mets aren’t actively looking to deal either Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard.

Mets assistant general manager John Ricco, who is dealing with much of the team’s day-to-day activities after Sandy Alderson stepped away to undergo cancer treatments, told reporters Friday he would have to be wowed by a package to make a deal for either deGrom or Syndergaard.

“We’re having a lot of dialogue with teams on a lot of different fronts,” Ricco said, via “We’re not out there actively looking to move Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard by any stretch. I think it would honestly take a team to come in and present an overwhelming deal to us to move one of those guys. They’re just that kind of player, and they mean that much to the organization.”

The Yankees have been rumored to be looking into a deal for deGrom in particular and certainly any contending team in baseball would love to acquire MLB’s ERA leader.

However, the Mets think they’ll be able to contend sooner with these two pitchers on their roster in the near future.

“For right now, because of the makeup of our team and the fact that we have guys like [Syndergaard] and [deGrom] at the top of our rotation, I think if we add the right pieces around them, we can be competitive really quickly,” Ricco said. “In fact, as we get Jay Bruce and Yoenis Cespedes and Syndergaard back, we’re going to be a lot more competitive in the coming days. So I don’t think we’re looking at a two- or three-year thing. We’re looking to bring in guys in the shorter term than that.”

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