NBA rumors: Kawhi Leonard news has fans working up Trade Machine deals

Kawhi Leonard reportedly wants out of San Antonio, which means fans everywhere are fantasizing about getting an NBA superstar on their team.

Leonard has been reported to be favoring a trade to the Lakers, but the Spurs hold most of the negotiating power in this deal. There are plenty of options for Leonard, and whenever something like this happens, fans are always eager to hop on ESPN’s Trade Machine and make deals.

KAWHI LEONARD TRADE? Players, fans react to Spurs star wanting out

If you aren’t aware, the Trade Machine, per ESPN’s own description, “will let you know if your trade works based on the NBA’s trade rules.” Now, just because a trade does work, that doesn’t mean it would actually ever happen. But it’s fun to dream.

Here are some of the best proposed trades we saw…

Kawhi Leonard to the Lakers

OK, so that trade isn’t happening. But the Lakers are a real threat to trade for Leonard. At least the following deals below give San Antonio a little more to work with.

Kawhi Leonard to the Warriors

And people were mad when Kevin Durant joined Golden State. The funniest part about this deal is that the Warriors are only giving away three players. Sure, they’re three good players, but you’re getting two superstars in return, so… it’s worth it.

Kawhi Leonard to the 76ers

Trust The Process?

Kawhi Leonard to the Trail Blazers

How does this cost Portland two wins?

Kawhi Leonard to the Cavs

LeBron James will probably leave anyway, but at least Cleveland can keep making massive overhauls to its roster.

Kawhi Leonard to the Nets

Totally worth it, San Antonio.

Kawhi Leonard to the Jazz

Somehow, we can’t see Kawhi wanting to stay too much longer in Utah.

Kawhi Leonard to the Knicks

The trade machine must be broken.

Kawhi Leonard to the Raptors

Toronto will still find a way to get swept by LeBron.

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