NPR Says Accusations Against Another Olympic Swim Coach Coming

NPR’s Up First podcast touched on Ariana Kukors’ civil lawsuit filed against USA Swimming, among others, and the congressional hearings including USA Swimming CEO Tim Hinchey, in Wednesday’s issue. The daily 10-minute distillation of the biggest stories of the day from on-air NPR personalities Rachel Martin, David Greene, and Steve Inskeep, dropped a bombshell in Wednesday’s episode.

The episode includes a brief clip of an interview with Sarah Ehekircher, talking about her alleged relationship with Scott MacFarland. Reporter Alexandra Starr said on air that the lawsuit claims that “another Olympic swimmer is going to come forward and that another Olympic swim coach will be named…in the weeks ahead.”

After reviewing the lawsuit, we were unable to find a section that explicitly said that another swimmer was going to come forward and name another coach. This section seems to be what the reporter is referring to:

15. After that “investigation,” and despite at least one other complaint by another Olympic swimmer that he, along with another Olympic coach, engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior with her and her brother, HUTCHISON was allowed to remain in good standing with a completely clean records a member of USA Swimming as owner of the member
club KING AQUATIC, per USA SWIMMING’s publication. No report was made to the police. In the words of none other than SCHUBERT, USA SWIMMING “failed miserably” in its socalled “investigation” concerning known childhood sexual abuse committed by HUTCHISON against plaintiff.

Reports of a sexually-explicit text message between Hutchison, another Olympic coach, and a swimmer have swirled over the last month, but SwimSwam has not been able to obtain the text message in question. We have asked Kukors’ attorney Bob Allard if he can confirm the existence of that text message, and if, in fact, the swimmer will be coming forward in the next “few weeks” as was reported on NPR, but as of posting have not heard back.

The episode of NPR can be heard here, on the Wednesday, May 23rd edition. The discussion of abuse within Olympic sports is toward the end of the podcast, beginning around the 9-minute mark.

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