Online Betting on the 2020 IPL

Even though the IPL faced many challenges this year and many fans speculated that the season will be cancelled, an official report came that it will start on September 19. The biggest setback that the league faced was when they cut ties with their main sponsor Vivo, in the last minute. But, the board was keen on getting everything back to normal and they secured a 1-year deal with Dream11.

Fans were thrilled to receive this news and they are excited to see the season begin. But, one question still troubles the mind of many people. Indians are huge fans of wagering money, especially online. They love the idea of placing bets on this league and cricket in general, but many of them are unfamiliar with the government’s stance on online betting. That is why we wanted to clear out the air and explain everything that you need to know.

Betting on the IPL

The good news is that millions of Indians place bets online each day without facing any consequences. We will explain the reason below. There are thousands of online bookies through which they can wager their money on their favourite IPL teams and players.

But, not all sites are credible. Some of them are a scam, while some of them don’t have great offers. Luckily for you, some online bookies have modified their services for the Indian market. They have great bonuses such as free bets and bonuses on winnings. We went a step further and found you the best bookies for betting on the IPL. Feel free to check it out. The process of registration on these sites lasts just a minute and you will instantly be eligible for all of the promotions that they have to offer.

Legal Status

The Public Gambling Act of India regulates online betting. But, even though this law deems online betting as an illegal activity, people that do decide to place bets online face no consequences. The reason for that is because the law is obsolete and it fails to regulate these activities.

So, online betting falls in the law’s grey area. Indian-based online bookies are not allowed to operate, but offshore sites can offer their services to the Indians. The government has been under a lot of pressure to legalize it because experts believe that the pros far outweigh the cons.

To conclude it all, you can rest assured with the fact that you can bet on the 2020 IPL online. The odds are fantastic and each registered player can receive many bonuses and rewards. Although the biggest favourites to win the 2020 IPL are the Mumbai Indians, we do not doubt that the competition will be fantastic.

Online Gambling is Also Complicated

While we are on the topic of wagering money online, we also wanted to mention that online gambling is under the same status as online gambling. The reason why we wanted to mention this as well is that one famous cricketer has faced huge backlash recently due to the fact that he decided to promote gambling sites. Virat Kohli plays for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL.

After it was revealed that he promoted online casinos, some people went as far as signing a petition to put him behind bars. This shouldn’t be considered a crime, especially if the statistics show that a big majority of the Indian population has placed bets or gambled at least once in their lifetime.

To further solidify our claim, here’s a statement by Fredrik Brannlund, Co-Founder of ENV Media “It’s understandable to see such a dramatic backlash towards these promoters of online gambling, however demonizing the industry as a whole is not the answer. People will always find a way to gamble and it is, therefore, of much more benefit for India as a whole to be consciously aware of this and start introducing regulations to the industry.”

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