In praise of David Warner and his home Test record

Marco Trevisiol | 2:43pm BST 25 April 2020 When David Warner won the Allan Border Medal for best annual Australian male player earlier this year, it led to bemusement and mocking from certain quarters as he won despite a disastrous Ashes tour of England. It just seemed to be rewarding him for being a home-track […]

Lessons Learned From Cricket To Improve Business Management Skills

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am BST 19 April 2020 Cricketers enjoy playing this game from the moment they step their feet into the playing ground. Did you know that this game can help you improve your business management skills? If you are a cricket lover, this piece will take you through what you can take […]

‘He Dipped His Pen in Vitriol’

Martin Chandler | 7:18am BST 19 April 2020 ‘He Dipped His Pen in Vitriol’ So said veteran sportswriter Ian Wooldridge of his long time fellow scribe Evelyn ‘Lyn’ Wellings, a man who, over more than half a century, probably ruffled more cricketing feathers than any other writer before or since. As we all are Wellings […]

Countdown to the Greatest Cricket Players of all Time

Cricket Web Team | 12:00am BST 12 April 2020 The game of cricket started way back in the 16th century, somewhere in Southern England. Over the years, it has grown in popularity, becoming one of the biggest games in England, Australia, Pakistan, India, West Indies, and South Africa, and other parts of Asia and Africa. […]

Exploring the choice of cricket games in 2020

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am BST 12 April 2020 For those of us passionate about cricket, when were not absorbed in the action of live games via TV or streams, a fun way to keep ourselves entertained can be delving into the virtual world of cricket gaming. Throughout the 90s, there seemed to be a […]

Cricket Lore

Martin Chandler | 5:21am BST 12 April 2020 Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that I am a great admirer of The Cricket Quarterly. That it is my favourite cricket magazine/journal of the many that have come and gone over the years is most certainly the case but, lest my post on the […]

‘Googly’ of The Daily Express

Martin Chandler | 7:42am BST 05 April 2020 The name Pollock is a famous one in cricket, courtesy primarily of three members of a well known South African family. But there is also an English Pollock who has contributed to the folklore of the game, albeit not a player but a writer, William Pollock. There are […]

Vintcent Van Der Bijl

Martin Chandler | 7:42am BST 05 April 2020 Voltelin Van der Bijl played for Western Province in their second ever First Class match, in December of 1890, and in total played in seven First Class matches over 14 years. His brother Vintcent, a year younger, played with him twice. It is difficult at this distance […]

Betway’s Betting Partner Deal with West Indies Cricket

Cricket Web Team | 12:01am BST 29 March 2020 Betway is no stranger when it comes to sponsorship deals with prestigious sports teams and events. In 2014, the betting giant landed a two and a half-year deal to serve as a sponsor of the West Ham United Football Club. Two years ago, the company also […]

Percy Cross Standing

Martin Chandler | 2:57am BST 29 March 2020 It was back in the late 1980s that I bought my first vintage cricket book. I saw it, or more accurately them, in a shop in Preston. The two volumes of Cricket of To-day were in wonderful condition and, mesmerised by the contents, I felt I had […]