Patriots' Julian Edelman's 4-game suspension upheld; reportedly could pursue appeal in federal court

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman has lost his appeal to the NFL for his four-game suspension for performance-enhancing drugs, but his case may not be over yet.

According to ESPN, Edelman could take his case one step higher and appeal at the federal level.

Edelman allegedly tested positive for a substance not on the NFL’s list for banned items and he initially contested whether it was even legal for the league to suspend him for that.

Furthermore, Edelman claims the NFL actually mishandled the evidence in the case.

The 32-year-old player used both of these claims as reason for his suspension to be overturned, but his appeal was denied Tuesday.

Now he may try to take his case to a higher court as teammate Tom Brady did when the NFL suspended him four games for allegedly deflating footballs in the 2016 AFC Playoffs.

Brady initially won his appeal in the U.S. District Court before the original decision was ultimately upheld in federal appeals court.

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