Supreme Court dismisses SLP, MCA CoA to continue

The Supreme Court on Friday disposed of the Special Leave Petition (SLP) filed by Siraj Ahmed Khan on behalf of the Mazgaon Cricket Club in Mumbai asking for the removal of the two-man CoA in the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA).

The MCA’s CoA consists of retired judges HL Gokhale and VM Kanade, and it was appointed by the Bombay High Court in April, after a petition filed by former managing committee member and curator Nadeem Memon, to implement the Lodha reforms and conduct elections accordingly.

“In view of the orders reserved in Civil Appeal No. 4235/2014 (Board of Control for Cricket & Ors. Vs Cricket Association of Bihar & Ors.) and connected matters, we do not think it appropriate to address the controversy involved in the present SLP. The same is accordingly disposed of. Pending interlocutory applications, if any, shall also stand disposed of,” said the court in its order.

The SC is in the process of drafting the new constitution of the Board, which will then be sent to the BCCI for implementation at all levels.

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