Terrance Williams blamed Kendall Wright for wrecking his Lamborghini, police report shows

All is not well for former Baylor teammates and NFL wide receivers Terrance Williams and Kendall Wright.

Williams, a wideout for the Cowboys, told the Frisco (Texas) Police Department his friend and Vikings wideout Kendall Wright wrecked his 2017 Lamborghini early last Saturday and abandoned it next to a downed light pole, The Dallas Morning News outlined.

Williams, who was arrested on charges of public intoxication near his home after being seen falling off an electric scooter, told officers he received a call from Wright about the wreck, called a tow truck and then hopped on his scooter to go “see what happened.”

Video released by Frisco Police shows Williams, 28, trying to explain the situation and telling officers he would never lie to police.

When asked about his car, Williams said Wright took it out around 12:30 a.m. for a date, called him at 1:45 a.m. about the accident and left the scene in a yellow Camaro.

However, in contradictory statement released after his arrest, Williams said: “The driver in front of me slammed on his brakes and I turned to the left and hopped the curb to avoid hitting him. I got his insurance information and my neighbor picked me up when my car wouldn’t drive.”

Williams’ attorney, Chip Lewis, said Williams was out with Wright that night, but Williams was the only person in the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Police found the keys to the Lamborghini in Williams’ pockets shortly after he was taken into custody.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones addressed the incident in a comment to USA Today.

“I know Terrance,” Jones said. “He’s solid. Real solid. I’m hopeful. I don’t know the details. I read his public statement about it and take it at face value.”

According to the Morning News, no charges have been filed against Williams, but police are still investigating Williams fleeing the scene of an accident.

Williams has not practiced with the Cowboys this spring as he nurses a surgically repaired right foot.

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