The Hardest Set Seebohm’s Ever Done (And Other Little Known Facts)

If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram over the past 24 hours, you’re aware that the app has added a new feature which enables users to submit answers to questions posted by their followers. Appearing within users’ ‘stories’ on the app, we’ve already seen impromptu Q & A sessions taking place around the swimming community, including American speedster Michael Andrew.

Australian superstar Emily Seebohm is another swimming Instagram user who has taken advantage of the chance to interact with fans, posting a series of revealing answers. While snuggling with one of her dogs, which we learn is a Hungarian Vizsla, Seebom gives insight into what helps the world champion stay at the top of her game. She also talks about her beloved horse, Platinum, who recently underwent surgery, as well as the TV show to which the Aussie is currently addicted.

Below are some candid responses from Seebohm during the ‘chat’:

What is your favorite swimming memory?

  •  Winning gold on the 4x100m medley relay and breaking the World Record at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

How often do you train?

  • 8x swim sessions, 2x strength sessions, 1x pilates, 1x core, 2-3x horse rides

What is your favorite swimming stroke?

  • I like doing breaststroke cause I rarely do it!

How would you deal with an injury that has been going on for a long time?

  • I have been lucky that I haven’t had any serious injuries, but I deal with my Endometriosis pain and sometimes I have good days and some days I struggle.

At what age did you start swimming competitively?

  • I was doing club nights since age 4 because I loved racing.

What time do you wake up to train?

When going through tough times, how do you find the motivation to get back up?

  • That’s a heard one! But my love is racing so that’s how I motivate myself to go to training when I don’t feel like it.

What is your own advice that you follow in life?

  • Happiness is the most important thing you have.

What’s the hardest main set you’ve ever done?

  • Doesn’t sound hard, but 12 x 25 max and you get 5 seconds rest from when you got to the wall.

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