The Latest Updates on the Australia Tour of India 2020

The current Australia Tour of India has been making headlines in the cricket industry. The Australian Cricket team had always been a tough contender in cricket as they had been ranked to be the world’s number 2.

These two tough teams had always been clashing on the field ever since 1947. This time, in 2020, India gets to host the ODI series against Australia once more.

Their first ODI match happened last March 14 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, India. In this match, the Indian Cricket Team had suffered from a 10-wicket loss against the Australian team.

With a score of 258-255 runs and 12.2 overs to spare, India had indeed lost to their match against Australia.

This loss of the Indian Cricket Team now serves as the team’s 4th consecutive ODI match loss against Australia on Indian soil. Tracing back India vs. Australia match records, it can be discovered that this is the second time that India has suffered 4 consecutive losses to Australia on their own land. The first one happened from 2003 to 2006 where the Tri-series and the Champions Trophy were held in India.

Going back, the highlights of the latest India vs. Australia match made records in comparison to their other matches.

Some of the match highlights that set some records are the following:

  • The 258 runs made by Warner and Finch now serves as the first-ever 250+ partnership in an ODI format against India. They had beaten the record of George Bailey and Steve Smith of 242 runs in 2016.

The said run also served as the 2nd highest chase by a team without losing any wicket in an ODI format. The first one, a record of 279 runs by South Africa in a game against Bangladesh in 2017, remains undefeated.

  • The 10-wicket loss of India also set a record by being the 5th 10-wicket loss of the team and the 2nd 10-wicket loss to have taken place in the Indian soil. The last 10-wicket loss of Indian cricket team on their own land happened way back in 2005 in an ODI match against South Africa.
  • The 10-wicket victory of Australia, on the other hand, serves as the 5th time that Australia had won an ODI by taking down 10 wickets. The 4th one happened in the 2007 World Cup where the team fought against Bangladesh.
  • In this match, David Warner was able to complete 5000 runs in ODI cricket in 115 innings, making him the 4th fastest player to reach the milestone.
  • Both Aaron Finch and David Warner scored centuries. This served as Warner’s 18th century in an ODI format. Meanwhile, Finch’s century served as the 16th century of his career and the 5th one during his captaincy.
  • Indian captain Virat Kohli had once again been called out after Australian cricketer Adam Zampa took a wicket. This is the 4th time that Kohli had been dismissed by Zampa.

Aside from the aforementioned highlights that made some record, other events that occurred in the game are the following:

  • Indian wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant suffered from a concussion after his helmet was hit by a ball that was delivered by Australian player Pat Cummins. Pant was no longer able to play for the second innings and had been replaced by KL Rahul. In addition to that, the 22-year-old player had been ruled out for the 2nd ODI match while his participation in the 3rd ODI is yet to be announced.
  • Indian captain Virat Kohli bats at the No.4 spot to make way for KL Rahul. This is the first time that the team had made use of a Sharma-Dhawan-Rahul combination.

There were so many happenings on the first ODI match between the Australian and Indian team.

The Australian cricket fans are delighted with the result. The game came clearly in favour of the Australian team that time and the taste of victory had been sweet for Australia. The team is currently exerting their best efforts to sustain their victorious streak against the Men in Blue.

On the other hand, Indian fans may have been badly disappointed with the outcome of the game that took place in Mumbai. However, it is with the undying love for cricket that lets hope glimmer in the eyes of the sports fans. In an interview conducted after the game, the Men in Blue told their fans to not worry about this one game. For sure, the Indian team is also preparing to bounce back after this defeat against Australia.

The Australia Tour of India started last January 14 and will end on the 19th. Be tuned in to the latest updates about their ODI matches because things will surely get more interesting.

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