Watch: Yankees' Aaron Hicks doubles as someone forgot to close bullpen door

The Mets can’t catch a break right now and the Yankees keep helping themselves. The Bronx Bombers proved it Saturday with how Aaron Hicks led off the game.

Batting with a 1-1 count in the first inning, Hicks smacked a gapper to right-center field. The ball then rolled its way into the bullpen because someone forgot to close the door.

While the joke is easy at the moment as many claim the Mets can’t even close a bullpen door, the fact is the ball was hit into the Yankees’ pen.

So maybe there needs to be some kudos given to Yankees starter Domingo German who left the pen before the game.

Maybe a little bit of gamesmanship there?

Of course not, but we can poke a little fun can’t we?

Especially since Hicks was stranded and German gave up a crooked number in the first inning. 

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